The most important things about tech products


Technology is something that, today, we are not short of. Every day there are thousands patents being issued and startups built, all with the same goal in mind – creating more and more hardware and software that can do more, help more and give more. Today, every man is a user, we all live in a world that is tightly connected with technology and even our economy is neck deep in it. That is why there are also millions of tech companies out there, trying to get the name for themselves and to create and sell the product they believe we all need. So, what is making the best ones the best?

10094Hardware – if you are making hardware it is evident that good hardware is something you need to keep in mind. Yet, many people choose different practice and sell cheap, poorly made products that are quickly bought and then quickly forgotten or broken. When creating a product you need to keep in mind what kind of market you are hitting, what are the requirements your users are expecting and what is the money limit you can invest in hardware quality. Choosing a high quality hardware will set you apart as a trusty and durable choice but will also leave a mark on your price tag since quality is never cheap. Other way around, shipping cheap but easily breakable products can make you popular if there are conditions for that with your product, but can get you into long term problems with the brand image.

HTML codeSoftware – software can only work good on a good hardware, so if you’ve got that covered, let’s get to the next step. Hardware is nice, but people don’t actually see it or think about until it breaks. On the other hand, software is something that you will be looking at daily and doing all the interactions with. it would be senseless investing lots of money on the high quality hardware only to use it to run inferior software that will deter all your users. Software is the reason your gadget is being used in many cases and there is no excuse for being cheap on that. A good programmer and product developer can mean a difference between total success and business flunk.

chrome_os_screenDesign – last, but not least. It could actually be the first one on the list. And the reason for that is that people will sometimes, and by that i mean – often, choose the product with lesser performance if it looks good rather than a good one that looks ugly. Sure, having a powerful laptop is nice, but if it is plain ugly, no one will buy it, no matter how good it is. If you had any design background in school or college you might remember how design started an entire industry boom in US in the 1960s, and that alone can illustrate my point more than anything I can write.