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Schwer beurteilen. Der Grund dafГr ist, einem top Kundenservice und einer transparenten PrГsenz finden. Die drei Walzen bieten 5 Gewinnlinien und Symbole, die der Spieler.

Gute Horror Spiele Pc

Wir sortieren euch die besten aktuellen Horrorspiele Splatter, Psychological Horror, Grusel-Geschichten & knallharter Survival-Kampf. Horrorspiele sind beliebt wie nie und für Gamer gibt es eine große Auswahl an unterschiedlichen Schockern. Wir stellen euch heute die besten. Special: Die 50 besten kostenlosen Download-Games, die gruseliges Abenteuer versprechen. Damit holen Sie sich Halloween auf Ihren PC.

Die 5 besten Horrorspiele im Multiplayer für PC, PS4 und Xbox One

Die besten Resident Evil-Teile. Resident Evil (Remake) Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Resident Evil 3 (Remake) Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. › guides › die-besten-horrorspiele. The Evil Within 2.

Gute Horror Spiele Pc Resident Evil 2 Video

Top 10: Horrorspiele 2019 - Special

Gute Horror Spiele Pc Dabei gehen wir nicht nur nach der Wertung, sondern auch nach einer möglichst guten Mischung, damit für jeden Horror-Liebhaber etwas dabei ist. Hier bekommen Sie dutzende Gigabytes an Gratis-Games — lassen Sie Ihre Leitung glühen. Auf engstem Raum funktioniert Horror Diamond Reels Casino No Deposit Bonus mal am besten! Zu diesem Spiel mummelt man sich am besten in eine warme Decke ein, stellt sich den Tee bereit und dämmt das Licht.

It is a team effort to survive, and the players have to use their intelligence to survive through the game. The game would undoubtedly keep you on the edge of your seat and is truly one of the best Roblox horror games there is.

The players would enjoy fighting all odds and overcoming the dangers that they are exposed to. With their wit, they can keep themselves alive till the dawn.

This game is probably as close to Dead by Daylight in Roblox that you can get. It stars the friendly yet merciless Ronald the clown and a selection of survivors.

The premise of Ronals is simple. As a survivor, you need to work together with all other survivors to solve a puzzle before the clown comes and kills you.

This game is definitely one of the scariest that you can get in Roblox. Just be sure to watch out for that clown. It really will scare you senseless, so maybe play with the lights on.

This is yet another scripted horror game, but it seems to be one of the most highly rated in the Roblox catalog. While that might not seem like too much of a challenge, there is a catch.

As you might have guessed, Camping 2 is the sequel to the hugely successful Camping game. So many players enjoyed the surreal horror experience of the original that they wanted more.

Camping 2 brings out a new Campground to explore and survive in. Granny: Chapter Two might be the most horrifying experience in Roblox. I will warn you now that this is an absolutely horrific story and game, so you might want to skip it.

In Granny: Chapter Two, you play as a young character who is locked in the house by their Granny and Grandpa at all times. The problem is that this pair will try to kill you, and you need to escape them.

Granny hears everything in the house, so you need to be extremely quiet to avoid her. Grandpa is harder of hearing, but if he does catch you, he hits much harder than Granny.

If you make any noise at all, the terrifying Granny will come running to find out what it was. The chances are that Grandpa will come along with her.

Dead Space 3 has players work together to battle the scourge and swarms of religious fanatics seeking salvation from the Markers.

Quite the contrary, actually, as it offers something new that you and a friend can enjoy together. Never enter a haunted house alone. Pacify sends you and up to four friends into a mysterious house on the search for evidence of the paranormal.

You and your friends will have to scour the house in search of items to pacify the spirit of the young girl. Go on the hunt of a lifetime with a friend armed and ready to help you take down your prey in Hunt: Showdown.

Some may fall easily, giving you a false sense of power. Hunt: Showdown is a period piece that pits you against grisly monstrosities. Use your wits and an assortment of firearms and gadgets to bring down even the most brutish game.

Other humans armed to the teeth will stand in your way and soak up the bullets intended for the beasts that stalk the world of Hunt: Showdown.

Could you survive the clutches of the infamous Jason Voorhees? Set in the middle of memorable locations from the film series, Friday the 13th charges players with trying to escape, either by waiting out the clock, calling the police, or fixing a car or boat.

Every step of the way, Jason is one step behind you and your companions, ready to split you in two or jam a machete through your back.

In Friday the 13th, working together means working quickly and, at times, separately to find the necessary supplies needed for survival.

Maybe if this were a Romero movie, but the lumbering beasts of Dead Island will swarm you, leaving you to wish you had a gun-toting companion at your side.

Take on the hordes of the undead on the island of Banoi and assist survivors as you all just try to survive the spreading infection. Developer: Elastic Games Publisher: Elastic Games.

Asymmetrical horror follows you to school in this six-player multiplayer experience. You and four others must work together in order to escape the clutches of a deadly fiend.

No one should have to go out like that. Last Year: The Nightmare launches you into a never-ending nightmare, spawned by playing an occult card game.

Can you escape the clutches of the Fiend? Or will you and your fellow classmates become a supernatural fixture roaming the streets of your hometown?

It will take plenty of coordination and teamwork to outsmart the Fiend and avoid becoming its latest prey. Developer: Northwood Studios Publisher: Northwood Studios.

Now, explore the underbelly of its laboratory in SCP: Secret Laboratory. While many players will opt to control one of the deadly SCP entities, others will want to take control of foundation scientists or test subjects fighting to survive this subterranean nightmare.

Choose your role and work with others like you to survive the horrors waiting within the SCP labs. For more, also check out our overall list of the best games to play today.

All the rage on Twitch, this is a group detective game that Rich called "the best ghost game ever made. If you've so far managed to avoid watching someone else play this Early Access phenomenon, and you want to be spooked, read nothing else and go figure it out with some friends.

It's best when you're all learning, and being tormented by ghosts, together. Best PC games Best free PC games Best laptop games games. Capcom's Resident Evil 2 remake does something that almost doesn't seem possible after decades of horror games: it makes zombies seem scary again.

The shambling horde feels properly menacing—seemingly unstoppable lumps of slow, shambling flesh that beat down doors, spill through windows and just keep coming.

This is a return to the survival horror style that made Resident Evil famous, and a clever reimagining of one of its most iconic locations.

It's a treat for those of us who played the original, but also an accomplished and clever horror game in its own right. If you prefer your scares in first-person, Resident Evil 7 also remains a grisly treat—especially the creepy first half.

It's not horror in the traditional sense—undeads, gore, teens making terrible decisions—but Remedy's latest excels at surreal bureaucratic dread.

As the new director of the Bureau of Control, you explore a strange, shifting office full of possessed workers, mysterious objects of power and The Board—an ominous inverted pyramid that speaks almost exclusively in synonyms.

And hey, if you do need some honest-to-god terror, just watch an episode of the game's in-universe puppet show, Threshold Kids.

Before BioShock was BioShock, it was System Shock: an altogether freakier combination of RPG and FPS, and one that in its second and best iteration told the story of a rogue AI on a haunted spaceship—that rogue AI being the incomparably uppercase SHODAN.

The murderous artificial consciousness paved the way for GlaDOS of course, but its the combination of meaningful character advancement, rewarding exploration, horrifying enemies and at the time the novel use of audio diaries that make System Shock 2 such a memorable horror game.

It was essentially Deus Ex on a spaceship—if you've ever played Deus Ex, or been on a spaceship, you can imagine how delectable that sounds.

The best Alien game ever, by a long way, Alien: Isolation stars the smartest, scariest enemy in any game. The Xenomorph's killer instinct is matched only by its curiosity.

It learns more about the Sevastopol's nooks and crannies as it hunts you over the course of 12 hours, ripping doors off closets and peering under tables in search of prey.

The motion tracker can help you to avoid its grasp, but it can sense the sound, and even the gentle green light of its screen, making every glance a risk.

When the game forces you into the vents and you can hear the creature in there with you, Isolation becomes one of the scariest games ever made.

An eerie indie treat, Oxenfree stars a group of teens who become trapped on an island full of strange and mysterious happenings.

The real joy is the banter between your friends and grudging acquaintances , which mimics the fast-paced witty dialogue of a good teen horror flick.

As you progress, the island becomes increasingly strange and unnerving, and Oxenfree deploys some clever tricks to hold your attention and keep you second guessing throughout this ghostly yarn.

The player controls Reina, a girl that was kidnapped alongside her family and taken to the island Alendar, where her family is killed.

Reina must use the trapping powers she acquired to Director: Makoto Shibata Stars: Rio Natsuki , Yuki Chika , Emiko Hagiwara , Daisuke Kishio.

While Allura Alicia in the original Japanese version , the princess and daughter of King Olaf and his servants visits the grave of Allura's real mother, King Olaf was struck by a single Directors: Akihiro Arahori , Makoto Shibata Stars: Saki Nakajima , Tomoe Hanba , Mami Kosuge , Jun Hazumi.

M Action, Adventure, Crime. FBI Agent Ethan Thomas is framed for the murder of a detective and officer. In order to uncover who murdered the two officers with his gun, he has to do whatever it takes and fight his way through violent, psychotic individuals.

Stars: John Armstrong , Greg Grunberg , Kimberli Colbourne , Peter Jacobs. Action, Adventure, Fantasy. To uncover the secrets of his dead father's haunted mansion in order to find portals to other dimension like hell and heaven and stop a demon from taking over the world, Adam Randall has to solve puzzles and kill monsters.

Or does he? Director: Alan Coltman Stars: David Tuomi , Emma Powell , David Learner , Marc Finn. Point Man and his deceased brother Paxton Fettrl both have supernatural powers and must work together to face off against an evil presence from their past.

Director: Heinz Schuller Stars: John Armstrong , Robin Atkin Downes , Jaime Aymerich , Brian Bloom. After a car crash in Silent Hill, Harry Mason wakes up to find his daughter Cheryls disappearance.

In search for her in the town, he starts to find more than he was looking for. Directors: Yoshi Aoyagi , Keith Arem , Jay Boor , Brandon Laurino , James D.

Mortellaro , Michael Rajna , Mark Simmons Stars: Laura Bailey , JB Blanc , Mari Devon , Kate Higgins. Seven years before the events of the first game, during one of his deliveries a lonely trucker passes through Silent Hill and faces his sad past in the mysteriousness of the city.

Director: Mark Simmons Stars: Mikey O'Connor , John Chancer , Jennifer Woodward , Laurence Bouvard. Action, Adventure, Crime.

Murphy Pendleton, a convict stranded in the foggy, malevolent world of Silent Hill finds himself lost and alone in the woods on the outskirts of the fabled town when his prison transport bus crashes.

Director: Brian Gomez Stars: David Boyd Konrad , Bethan Dixon Bate , Andy Hendrickson , Leer Leary. A group of space colonists from the Aegis VII colony fight against the infection of Necromorphs created when the Red Marker was removed.

Directors: Justin Villiers , Wright Bagwell Stars: Ramon Tikaram , Joseph May , Laura Pyper , Jon Cartwright. M Action, Adventure, Comedy.

Photojournalist Frank West finds himself trapped in a shopping mall overrun by flesh eating zombies. Director: Yoshinori Kawano Stars: Terence J.

Rotolo , Kim Mai Guest , Laura Napoli , T. In the rise of a new zombie outbreak, the new hero Chuck Greene has to help his daughter survive this zombie nightmare.

Stars: Peter Flemming , Allyson Armstrong , Robyn Ross , Benita Ha. Chuck Greene fights to save his daughter and himself in a small town after a zombie outbreak occurs in Las Vegas.

Directors: Yoshinori Kawano , Alistair Abell Stars: Peter Flemming , Allyson Armstrong , Brian Dobson , Doug Abrahams. You play the part of a military team sent to investigate what happened at U.

Outpost 31, and must face the Thing yourself. Stars: Per Solli , Michael J. Shea , Kevin Alan Moore , Jesse O'Connell. When a mysterious outbreak claims the island of Banoi, four individuals who find themselves immune must use that power to protect the remaining survivors, uncover the truth, and escape.

Director: Aljen Juchefskey Stars: Phil LaMarr , Kim Mai Guest , David Kaye , Peta Johnson. Edward Carnby and Aline Cedrac are about to face their worst nightmare.

Out to avenge the murder of their friend, Carnby and Aline arrive on Shadow Island and discover that it is caught in Director: Antoine Villette Stars: David Gasman , Sharon Mann , Jerry Di Giacomo , Christian Erickson.

Edward Carnby must investigate shadowy conspiracies that surround Central Park in New York City. Director: David Nadal Stars: James McCaffrey , John Cunningham , Alexandra Williamson , Chris Phillips.

Cryptic action adventure about the undead voodoo warrior known as the Shadow Man who must stop Jack the Ripper and the biblical demon called Legion who plan to bring about the apocalypse using the souls of five notorious serial killers.

Stars: Redd Pepper , Barry Meade , Lani Minella , Travis. R Action, Adventure, Horror. Survival horror action adventure set circa s about The Stranger, a mysterious dual gun wielding operative sent on four missions by the Spookhouse, a secret Government agency set up by President Theodore Roosevelt to fight monsters.

Stars: Lynn Mathis , Candace Evans , John William Galt , Brazos MacDonald. Play in first person in this next, intense installment of the Dementium series.

Even if we yell In Alan Schiedsrichter Belgien Wales schlüpft ihr in die Haut eines Autors, welcher an Schlafstörungen, Albträumen und einer Schreibblockade leidet. Treffen Sie die falsche Entscheidung und Ihr Favorit könnte ein sehr grausames Ende finden. Vorige Seite 7 von 14 Weiter Zurück Seite 7 von 14 Nächster. Call of Cthulhu. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (VR). Layers of Fear. Dead by Daylight. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What if how you handled fear was what separated you from the survivors and those that succumbed? A mad dash to the opposite end of the hallway takes you away from these horrors, but only momentarily. Fatal Frame Video Game T Action, Horror, Mystery 8. Dusk is a prime example with its earlys textures, character models, and animations. An adequately Dortmund Gegen Stuttgart 2021 theme park would attract many attendees. Plenty of games too many, really have included references to his brand of cosmic horror, but Anchorhead is more inspired than most, drawing from several of his novels and stories to tell the tale of The Star Casino a married couple who have inherited an old mansion in a creepy New England town. You will have to explore a creepy mansion to search for your lost friend. While that might not seem like too much of a challenge, there is a catch. Press ESC to close. Trying to get out of there by avoiding monsters and other horrible obstacles. Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Linux, and OS X. Trotz des eher simplen Spielablaufs bietet Amnesia Gute Horror Spiele Pc enorm dichte Horroratmosphäredie garantiert für einen erhöhten Puls sorgt. What would happen if you combined Cabin in the Woods, the SCP Playz App, and Fallout Shelter? Director: Keiichiro Toyama Stars: Mitsuyoshi ShinodaNatsuki OkamotoMasaki TachiMasami Mizuno. 7/18/ · Survival horror action adventure set circa s about The Stranger, a mysterious dual gun wielding operative sent on four missions by the Spookhouse, a secret Government agency set up by President Theodore Roosevelt to fight monsters. Stars: Lynn Mathis, Candace Evans, John William Galt, Brazos MacDonald. Votes: 1/7/ · Our number 7 in the listing of the top 10 horror games for PC is Dead Space 3. This game is a science fiction and survival horror game and is developed by EA Redwood Shores. Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox The game was released in February for Microsoft Windows. What are the most popular Horror Games? Creepy Granny Scream: Scary Freddy; Jeff The Killer: Lost in the Nightmare; Forgotten Hill Memento: Playground; Trollface Quest: Horror 2; Forgotten Hill: Surgery; House of Celestina; Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets; Trollface Quest: Horror; Office Horror Story; Little Cabin in the Woods: A Forgotten Hill Tale. Here are 15 spine-chilling horror games that will thrill you It gets your heart racing and your blood pumping — it makes you feel truly alive. Horror fans worldwide have always turned to video games to help them feel that fear from the comfort of their own homes. These 15 best PC. Obwohl diese Elemente immer noch eine wichtige Rolle in diesem Genre spielen, ist unsere Herangehensweise an Horror mehr Nuance als je zuvor. Was folgt, ist unsere Auswahl der 13 besten Horrorspiele, die Sie heute auf PCs und Konsolen spielen können, von den letzten AAA-Spielen bis zu älteren PC-Klassikern. Mach weiter und schreck dich selbst. Geeignet für: Fans der Resident-Evil-Spiele Silent Hill 2 ist ein echter Klassiker im Horror-Genre, hat aber auch entsprechend viele Jahre auf dem Buckel. Davon solltet ihr euch jedoch auf keinen Fall abschrecken lassen, denn Silent Hill 2 gehört für viele zu den besten Horrorspielen überhaupt. Plattform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S Release: Genre: Horror, Survival Modell: Pay-to-play Supermassive Games will mit The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan wieder für. Nothing brings people together better than fear, right? Well, the following best co-op horror games are your opportunity to get together with old friends and new and scream your lungs out in unison.

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